STL Knitting Division is totally modernized with a good balance of Circular Knitting machines and Flat Knitting machines for Collars. more .......
STL Dyeing & Processing Division has entire machinery set up from best known Knitting, Dyeing & Finishing machines manufacturers in the world. more .......

Keeping in view the current mkt trend , the entire machinery set up is from best known Knitting , Dyeing & Finishing m/c manufacturers in the world. As for knitting we have Fukuhara , Mayer & Cie & Terrot combination, dyeing - Theis (German) & Sclavos (Greece) and for finishing - Tube Tex (U.S.A.) (perfect shrinkage and finishing results). The basic idea is of generating high level of quality using best known technology in the world.

DETAILS OF MACHINES COUNTRY Qty / Batch (Kgs) Daily Prod (Kg)
THEIS "Eco Soft Plus" hthp* Germany 720 2000
THEIS "Eco Soft Plus" hthp Germany 360 1000
THEIS "Eco Soft Plus" hthp Germany 180 500
THEIS   "Sampling" Germany 50 1250
SCLAVOS "Venus" Atmp** Greece 450 1500
SCLAVOS "Venus" Atmp Greece 360 1000
Krsna * India 600, 450, 300, 150, 20 3050
Krsna** India 250 500
       Total 10,800 kg /day
* hthp - high temperature high pressure
** atmp - atmospheric
Dyeing Capacity / Day - 10,800 kgsWashing Capacity / Day - 3500 kgs

We have inhouse Knits Mercerising & Singeing and Stentor . So we do single & double mercerized garments, produce open width fabric. We also do
All Over Prints on the fabric as we have inhouse knits printing facilities.

Dyes & washed fabric is processed on our sophisticated fabric finishing range, comprising of m/cs from best known finishing m/c technologists and manufacturers in the world.



Tube Tex squeezing mangle

01 USA

Tube Tex relax drier (10 tones/day)

01 USA

Tube Tex compactor (10 tones/day)

01 USA

Ferraro ( 8 tones/day)

01 Germany




Tumble Drier

Stefab 100 01

Tumble Drier

Stefab 50 05

Tumble Drier

Stefab 25 02


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